Frequently Asked Questions for Travel Insurance

All capitalised terms in these FAQs have the same meaning as the definitions set out in the Policy Document.
Yes. We will pay for the medical expenses, up to the sub-limit, reasonably incurred by the insured in Singapore within 30 days after your return from the Trip.
No. The policy does not cover any pregnancy-related issues.
Yes. Where initial treatment for Bodily Injury or Sickness was not sought overseas, the Company will indemnify you up to the Benefits Payable under the Policy for the medical treatment you seek within three (3) days after your return from the Trip and up to a maximum of thirty (30) days from the date of first treatment in Singapore.
Yes, dental treatment is covered provided that they occur as a result of Bodily Injury.
You will need to submit a claim within thirty (30) days upon returning to Singapore.
If your loss arises out of robbery, burglary or theft, you should report the loss to the local police within 24 hours after the loss / incident and obtain a written statement from the police to substantiate your claim.
No. The Policy will not provide coverage if you are travelling contrary to the advice of any Qualified Medical Practitioner and/or for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment.
You can find out more about our Terms and Conditions for ChangiAssure here.
Change in insured’s name, NRIC, date of birth and gender due to a typo error or change in contact number can be made. Please contact us at +65 6701 1185 immediately as any incorrect information may affect your claim.
You may contact our customer service hotline at +65 6701 1185 (24 hours) or email us at
Claims for medical expenses, baggage damages, baggage delays, travel delays and travel misconnections of up to $200 may be made and processed at the Changi Recommends counters in Singapore Changi Airport. The claims must be submitted with the original claim form and supporting documents. All claims shall be subject to the assessment by the relevant claims personnel. Claims may be rejected in the event insufficient or incomplete supporting documents are provided.
No. The claims pay-out will only be made to the policyholder.
No. If your claims are more than (exceeds) $200, you will have to submit the claim form along with the supporting documents online.
The following supporting documents may be required when making a claim. Please note that the list below is non-exhaustive and you may be required to produce other supporting documents, depending on the circumstances of your claim. Supporting documents that are forged or suspected of fraud will not be accepted.:
  • Claim Form
  • Copy of flight itinerary
  • Proof of travel, i.e. original boarding pass, air tickets, copy of passport etc.
Supporting documents needed when making a claim for:
  1. Personal Accident, Medical, Dental and Other Expenses
    • Medical Report and Medical Certificate
    • Original Medical bills / receipts
    • Death Certificate, autopsy report, coroner’s findings, if applicable (for death claim)
    • Documentary proof of relationship between deceased and claimant (for death claim)
    • Motor accident report / police report (for injury / death resulting from a traffic accident)
  2. Baggage & Personal Effects
    • Baggage loss or damage report / Property irregularity report from the carrier / airline
    • Baggage tag(s) issued from the carrier / airline during check-in
    • Written confirmation of carrier / airline’s settlement / rejection of claim for damage / loss of property
    • Photographs of damaged items
    • Original purchase receipts of damaged/lost items
  3. Money & Documents
    • Copy of police report lodged at place of loss within 24 hours
    • Receipts for replacement of passport / visa
    • Transportation and / or hotel bills / receipts incurred for replacement of document
  4. Baggage Delay (at the scheduled overseas destination)
    • Baggage delay report
    • Baggage tag(s) issued from the carrier / airline during check-in
    • Written confirmation from carrier / airline on reason and duration of delay
    • Acknowledgement receipt of baggage received
  5. Trip Cancellation / Curtailment
    • Medical Report and other medical documents / Death Certificate
    • Proof of relationship (if due to sickness, injury or death of related person)
    • Written advice or medical certificate from a Registered Medical Practitioner to cancel / curtail trip
    • Original tour booking invoice / receipt
    • Travel agent and / or airline’s confirmation of the refund amount
    • Original invoice / receipt for charges incurred in amending or purchasing additional air ticket (for trip curtailment)
  6. Travel Delay or Travel Misconnection or Overbooked Flight or Flight Diversion
    • Written confirmation from carrier / airline on reason and duration of delay, overbooked flight, travel misconnection, and / or diversion
    • Air ticket and Boarding pass
  7. Loss of Home Contents due to Burglary
      Copy of police report lodged within 24 hours upon discovery
    • Invoice of damaged items / quotations
    • Original photographs of damaged items
  8. Personal Liability
    • Do not admit any liability or make any offer, promise or payment without our prior consent
    • Forward all correspondence / documents from third parties concerning the accident to us immediately
    • Copy of police report lodged (if applicable)
We will contact you for any additional documents that may be required.