Frequently Asked Questions for Covid Insurance

All capitalised terms in these FAQs have the same meaning as the definitions set out in the Policy Document.
Travellers between the age of 3 to 70 years old arriving in Singapore via the Fast Lane regions of China, New Zealand, Australia (except New South Wales), Brunei, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan.
It is not compulsory; however it is recommended as this will cover for the quarantine facility/ hospitalization expenses in event of being tested positive for COVID-19 during the trip in Singapore.
This insurance is available via Changi Recommends website at
Payment can be made via credit card via Changi Recommends website.
Each trip duration is up to a maximum of 30 days.
Upon successful purchase, you will instantly receive an email with your policy documents attached.
Travellers are required to undergo and bear the costs of a COVID-19 PCR test upon arrival in Singapore.
You are required to notify our appointed assistance company in writingwithin 48 hours of receiving the positive COVID 19 PCR Testresultsandsubmit at the same time the following supporting evidence:
  1. Positive COVID 19 PCR Test results and admission diagnosis. The COVID 19 PCR Test results must be obtained from the laboratories approved by the Ministry of Health;
  2. Policy schedule AND Travel Documents including SafeTravel Pass or Air Travel Pass Approval letter
  3. Supporting evidence as proof of compliance with the terms andmconditions imposed by the Authorities as follows:
    1. Proof of compliance to the pre-declared controlled itinerary for the duration of stay in Singapore for the Period of Insurance which may include retention of screenshots of SafeEntry passes and records of prompt answering of phone calls or text messages to verify location.
    2. Downloaded TraceTogether app;
    3. Show evidence that only private hire cars/taxi or Cohorted Company Transport were used; and
    4. You have not held nor attended any meetings with more than 10 attendees or such number of attendees as may be restricted by the Authorities.
    5. Such other conditions as may be posted under the ICA website from time to time.

    When submitting a claim, the Insured must submit all supporting evidence to substantiate the claim (including original receipts and invoices) to our appointed assistance company at least 5 working days prior to departure from Singapore
For matters relating to Travel Inconveniences, you may contact our customer service hotline at +65 6701 1185 (24 hours) or email us at
For matters relating to Covid/ Accidental Hospitalisation assistance, you may contact the appointed assistance company at +65 6922 6009 or email at
HL Assurance is the underwriter for this insurance.
You can find out more about our Terms and Conditions for ChangiAssure here.